Fiber Ocean FOG series server rack is the ultimate rack enclosure solution designed and engineered for demanding data center environments.



• Split rear doors reduce clearance requirements for service access.
• The doors are perforated for optimal airflow.
• Large cable access slots in the roof provides access for overhead cable egress.
• The cable access covered with plastic cap (brush panel is optional).
• The vertical rails can be adjusted in quarter- inch (6.4mm) increments covering any mounting requirements for IT equipment.
• U positions are numbered for rapid installation of equipment.
• Half-height quick release side panels reduce size and weight for easy handling and access to equipment.


MASSIVE VENTILATION RATE Perforated doors for massive front-to-rear airflow up to 78%.

LOADING CAPACITY Static loading capacity up to 1500KG (without levelling feet and castors)

VARIOUS PACKAGING Can be shipped in build-up or flat-packed. Flat-pack option enables savings up to 60% in transport cost and warehouse space.

EASY FOR MAINTENANCE Horizontally divided side panels provide easy access and convenient post-installation maintenance.

OPTIMIZED FOR CABLE MANAGING Best design for cable management with large cable access slots and cable management rails.


Fiber Ocean FRM series is supplied flat-packed, which eases access to the installation site while reducing logistics costs and providing greater protection during transit. The most popular model, which was designed to house rack mount equipment for cabling, telecommunications, IT, industrial and home installations.



SAVE SPACE 1/3 assembled original volume when flat-packed.

OPTIONAL DOORS Toughened glass or vented door is optional,which is at your choice.

EASY INSTALLATION Extremely easy for assembled, it only takes 5 minutes for a skillful person to assemble a whole cabinet.

LOADING CAPACITY The loading capacity is over 40KG.

BIG DOOR-OPENING ANGLE Turning angle of front door is over 180 degrees.