About Us

Fulfilling the digital transformation of diverse businesses, ISST with its trademark FIBER OCEAN guaranteeing the ultimate performance when it comes to IT infrastructure solutions with proven success in countless applications.

We have 5 super powers

All inspired by you our dear customer

1- Quality is not an act, but a habit

FIBER OCEAN is a quality-focused entity that pursue perfection to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Investing in quality at all levels as it is part of our obligation to our customers and a strategy for continued technology capabilities, ending up with satisfied customers that enjoy the benefits of quality solutions.

2- Customized solution, no matter the size of business

Passive Infrastructure, Cooling Solutions and all the other modern applications require new approach to address the different performance, environmental, geographic, and form factor challenges associated with them. Here within comes our customized and cost-optimized fundamental solutions that are tailored upon our customers need regardless of quantity or the size of business.

3- Lead time, kept to minimum

Powerful and remarkable lead time is our signature; with efficiency of resources that will provide results with a timeline tailored to your schedule, and a team of solution-based specialists to focus on your business and technical objectives, all leads to a faster manufacturing and shipping process for all services and products.

4- Competitive, understandable prices

At FIBER OCEAN we believe that great pricing is about figuring out how much the customers value product or service, thus we invented our unique pricing strategy that has been developed based on our deep understanding of the regional market and operating costs, ensuring satisfactory pricing for the customer and not compromising the company's profit margin.

5- Collaboration makes us better

While competition makes us faster, collaboration makes us better for sure. As we provide professional technical solutions for these sectors in the Middle East & Africa, ISST chooses its partners wisely, considers the capabilities and skills of their staff, which reflects on the quality of our final product, starting from the design to the after-sales stage.