DC Power Systems


• Integrated with communication power, AC and DC power distribution; Modular rectifier with hot-swappable function; Compatible with LiFePO4 batteries and lead-acid batteries.
• Base stations, small and medium size switching centers, wave network communications, satellite communications, data communications, data centers etc.
• Capacity: 30-2000A


High reliability
1.Ultra-wide mains input range: more suitable for harsh grid environment.
2.Perfect battery management: with functions of temperature compensation, automatic equalization, floating charge control, automatic voltage regulation, battery capacity calculation and online battery testing.
3.Adopt advanced CPU and multiple microprocessor control technology to make the switching power supply more stable and more reliable.

Excellent Design
1.The rectifier module adopts non-destructive hot-swappable technology to realize less than 1minute replacement time.
2.Compatible with LiFePO4 batteries and lead-acid batteries for different application scenarios.
3.Digital-control active power factor correction technology with input power factor 0.99 to avoid pollution to the grid.

Perfect Protection
With input over and under voltage protection, output over, under voltage protection, short circuit protection, over current protection, lightning protection, fan fault alarm protection, fault display, historical alarm record storage and other functions to ensure the reliable operation of load equipment.